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A unique Récoltant Coopérateur marque de Champagne celebrating origins from 1883.

Expressing the terroir of the first Indian Vignerons in Champagne.

Handcrafted Magnums
Uniquely Sustainable


Vallée de la Marne, Champagne, France.


Our Magnums are aged for 5 years on lees.


Each Magnum is handcrafted with a sustainable ancienne closure, complete with a hot wax seal - sans metal or foil.

Embracing History.
Respecting Tradition.

Rich History

Challiol & Charmetant dates back to the late 19th century when the label was presented at the Calcutta International Exhibition in honour of Her Majesty Queen Victoria, the Empress of India. With our deep rooted history, we celebrate the expression of our terroir.

The Ceremony

Adorned in an exquisitely crafted sustainable 'ancienne' string closure - no metal or foil - magnums of Champagne Challiol & Charmetant are best savored in a ceremonial indulgence, elevating the essence and allure of any special occasion.